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A All Hour Locksmith

A All Hour Locksmith was started in 1997 by a father and son team. We have grown through satisfied customers throughout the Palm Beach County. Although we have grown we still offer a personal touch for your A All Hour Locksmith needs.

On the Road

Our locksmith vehicles are almost constantly on the road, 24 hours a day. We are aware that house lockouts, car lockouts, or business lockouts can happen any time of day or night. We are always on call to serve you. We try to arrive within a time frame of 20 to 30 minutes from the time you hang up the phone if needed. Although you can schedule work at any time of the day or night. You will find that when you call us a locksmith always answers the phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We never use impersonal answering machines. When you call us you are always speaking to a locksmith on call. A All Hour Locksmith does not use recording or operators.

We try our best to offer you fair prices, quality workmanship, products and timely service. Don’t hesitate to contact us.



A All Hour Locksmith Experience Matters

It seems nowadays that everyone is calling himself or herself a locksmith. It is true in Palm Beach County there is no requirement to become a locksmith other than an occupational license. There are many fly-by-night locksmiths services that duplicate or come close to other locksmith’s names. These are the ones to beware of. Some people calling themselves a locksmith should be calling themselves a drill expert. They have no knowledge, or minimal knowledge of locksmithing, but are experts in drilling a lock out and selling you a new one. We are not that type of locksmith. A All Hour Locksmith are able to repair locks rather than replace them. Some locks are higher quality than what you can normally buy nowadays, and the owners would rather repair them then replace them. We specialize in repairing hard-to-find locks. Of course, there are times that the hardware should be replaced. We carry all brands of locks, deadbolts, doorknobs, cabinet locks and safes. We usually have most hardware on the truck so we can make immediate repairs.


Residential Service

Whether you are calling for residential service, which is doorknobs, deadbolts, re-keying/changing your locks, master keying/making more than one key work for a given lock, mailbox locks or patio door locks, A All Hour Locksmith will most likely have them on our truck and can install them immediately.

Automobile Service

If you are calling because you are locked out of a car, A All Hour Locksmith be there in 20 minutes. We can have your door opened and you can be on your way to that important engagement. If you should find that your keys are not in your car and you can’t find them anywhere, we can most likely create a new set for you. We can do all types of cars and all types of keys. Whether they are transponder, high-security, vats, or regular car keys we can do it. From 1940 to 2016 an above we can have a key made for your car and you can be on your way.


Business Commercial Service in Boynton Beach

If you’ve just opened the business or have an existing business, we can re-key your locks or put on new ones. We specialize in buzzer systems and key-less entry. All the latest hardware from panic devices and detection systems we have you covered. A All Hour Locksmith has you covered.

Make sure you call us for all of your locksmith needs. A All Hour Locksmith.

When you’re locked out of your home or office feel secure when you’re calling our company, you’re getting a real locksmith. There are so many other companies that don’t fix or repair locks they just drill them. When you’re locked out we make every attempt to pick your lock without damage. Some locks are easier than others and some are impossible. Unfortunately, or fortunately that’s not the majority that’s the minority of the locks on homes and businesses today.

Better rekeying makes for better Security

Most locks can be picked or bumped. Picking a lock just involves putting slight tension to turn the plug either to the right or left while raking the pins that are in top of the cylinder. Sometimes the tolerances are so bad it just picks in two seconds. Other times it takes much longer. The things that affect whether you could take it or not are in some way related to how the lock is pinned and attention of the springs on the top pins. If we increase the tension on the pins, I’m referring to the top pins it applies more pressure to the bottom pins of which are picking. We can also add mushroom pins as top pins. These pins have rounded corners and make it much more difficult to pick a lock and turn the sheer line.

Burglar Proof

Bumping a lock involves putting pressure to turn the lock and moving a key rather quickly into the lock. This is usually done with some type of mallet. The key is cut a little differently so the pins rest leaving a fraction of an inch from the cylinder to the key head. This allows the key to momentarily knocked all the pins up. If you have pressure on the cylinder to turn it will turn when the pins bounced to the sheer line.

Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is relatively new for the locksmiths. I’ve been in business for 19 years and only for the past five have I been aware of lock bumping. You can now learn how to do it on the Internet and you can probably buy bump keys on eBay. It doesn’t take a larger monitor skill to learn it. Maybe you want to think about protecting yourself from your locks being bumped.

Duplicate keys can not be copied

Businesses have begun using at least do not duplicate keys. A All Hour Locksmith can replace or rekey your locks to use do not duplicate keys. The advantage of these keys as they say does not duplicate and the big-box stores or the local hardware stores won’t duplicate them. They’re a little more secure because of that but actually they can be duplicated. Their just keys that are marked do not duplicate but the key way is actually just the same as an Schlage or Kwikset. We provide another level of security. We have locks that have keys that absolutely cannot be duplicated.

A All Hour Locksmith

A All Hour Locksmith has the only franchise in this area using that key way. Any other key will not even fit in the keyhole this is much less expensive than medico and provides an adequate level of security for most businesses and homes. Face it most people are not even going to try and pick a lock. Most burglaries around here someone had been given a key and copied it. This prevents that entirely. And our locks are pick resistant to lock picking.

Many businesses love this, although it cuts down on our repeat business. When a business uses our locks, they have a policy to withhold the last paycheck of an employee until he returns that key. If he returns the key rest assured, he didn’t make a copy because it’s on practically UN copy able. Businesses love this it saves with the them money in the long run. Because of this A All Hour Locksmith gets much less repeat business from those customers. But we do get a lot of referrals. And our business runs on referrals

Medico keys and locks

A short dissertation on why medico keys are special and why you may not want them. Once businesses all had medico keys. They were very profitable for the locksmith and he could make copies but hardware stores couldn’t. There were four keyways. If you had these four different key ways you could duplicate the customer’s keys. Medico has different ways to protect the integrity of their lock.

The first way I’ve already spoken about restricted keyways. Physically stopping the duplication of their keys.

The second medico is special they have a sidebar. Different sidebars for different keyways. Which means I can’t rekey someone else’s lock because I don’t have the correct keys with the sidebar. Sidebar has to be depressed in order for you to turn the key pluck. It’s on the side of the key way and presses in side of the cylinder. If that’s pressed into the right steps you could turn the key.

The third way medico is special is by angle of cuts. First medico presented 3 cups. These cuts were the angle of the cuts on the key blank. The beginning it was right cut and left cut now there’s eight different cuts that the top pin has to match for the key to turn. So if you were to make a key somehow each cut, which could have eight different depths, also can have different angles that the key has to be cut making a whole Lot of combinations.
The Fourth way

The fourth way that medico is special is they used top pins that are very pick resistant. These are the pins that prevent the lock from turning without a key in. When you put in the matching key it raises the top pins to call the sheer line and enables the cylinder to turn.

The fifth way medico is special his ball bearings. The casing of the medico lock, the deadbolt is very hard to cut. Normally when we can’t pick a lock and we have to drill it we drill from the front where the bolts would be to hold the lock on from the back. In a medico lock installed correctly after you succeed in drilling into the hardened steel to reach the holes where the what’s are from the back we have placed ball bearings in the whole. Our drills can’t go any further because there’s a hardened steel ball bearing that spins when we try to drill it.

Enough said there are actually more things that secure the medical lock.

When you’re looking for a locksmith hires somebody that’s been in business for a while. Don’t let them don’t let them train someone by sending them to your house. They’re not paying you for their training and most likely the person’s not going to do an adequate job. On-the-job training is big down here. You don’t be the one that they’re experimenting on. When you’re letting someone in your home be afraid is very afraid if it’s not a reliable company.

Lowest Prices

The lowest price does not assure you anything but the lowest price. If someone is unbelievably inexpensive, they’re not making it up in volume there making it up by what they can sell you at the house.

Lock trouble can occur anytime and anywhere. Whether it is your car, your home or office, it is certainly worth being prepared for anything.

We understand that lock problems don’t wait. Which is why at A All Hour Locksmith, we offer 24-hour emergency locksmith services for all your needs. Our team of dispatchers is on the road, round the clock to immediately reach out to customers in need.

The next time you’re locked out of your house, or stranded with the keys locked inside your vehicle, don’t panic. Dial (561) 218-3555  to reach out to our locksmiths.